Man kills son over cashew nuts in Enugu

Villagers claim otherwise 


An argument between a father and his son over the ownership of cashew nuts at Obinetiti Isikwe Achi in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State, on Wednesday, has reportedly led to the death of the young man.

A source revealed that the 60-old-man, identified as Hyacinth Ilo, in the course of arguing with his son, Izuchukwu Ilo, over who owns cashew nuts, allegedly hit him with a stick behind his head, and that the son slumped and died instantly.

The source revealed that the man hurriedly dug a shallow grave and buried the boy.

Confirming the incident yesterday, Enugu State Police Command’s spokesman, Ebere Amaraizu, said Hyacinth allegedly had an argument with his son, Izuchukwu Ilo, over cashew nuts ownership, and in the process hit his son with a stick at the back head.

He added: “On noticing that he has died, the father went further to bury him in a shallow grave.

“Investigations have commenced into the incident as the suspect, who has been nabbed, is helping the Police.”

However investigations revealed a sordid tale of a different dimension.

According to sources the incident had nothing to do with cashew nuts rather the mental health of the deceased who was aged about Twenty years and  had been suffering from epilepsy over the years.

Neighbours said the victim Izuchukwu had become an embarrassment to his father as he moved from house to house in the neighbourhood begging for food and warnings from his father to stop the shameful act was not heeded.

They say it was one of the attempts to forcefully put a stop to Izuchukwu’s behaviour by his distraught father that led to his death.

Unfortunately the father’s effort to conceal the crime  by burying him in a shallow grave, back fired when one of the legs of the deceased protruded from the grave and was discovered by neighbours.

With the discovery the villagers did not only hand the culprit over to the Police but the body of the deceased was exhumed and dumped in his fathers house.

Indigenes of the town interviewed say thev are shocked by the crime which the say is an abomination in the land.




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